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Welcome to Garden of Eden, where you’ll find Temptation in Every Aisle! You have reached the Chelsea location, at 162 West 23rd Street. Here, you can also expect to find great, daily values on everyday favorites—from all your daily staples, to a gourmet selection of foods—in the highest quality standards! So stop by and browse through every aisle at leisure! Thanks for calling today. Assistance is on the way, so stay with us!

More Than 20,000 items to order!

Welcome to Garden of Edin

Clients About Us


“This market is a fancier and better version of Whole Foods. The hot buffet bar is ten times better than Whole Foods’”

Nate Wilson

, 2 days ago

“Natural, organic and healthier options compared to a standard deli. They have a hot bar in the back that usually includes scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, potatoes and sometimes oatmeal — breakfast.  .”

Mary Linkoln

, 2 days ago

““I was happy with the fruits, veggies and salad, and my son liked his watermelon and everything from the hot bar.””

Lesley Parker

, 2 days ago

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