Meal Time is always easy—when you turn to Garden of Eden’s Market Prepared Food and Deli Departments! There, you ll find plenty of ready-made specialties, from filet mignon and pasta, to subs and sushi, all ready to go home with you! So stop in to our gourmet store and take home any one of our easy-to-please mealtime favorites! Please remain on the line. We’ll be right back to assist you!

Tips on ordering

It’s all about portion control. Bread is not the enemy, but tons of it layered with cheese and processed meat may not leave you feeling great. She suggests going for whole wheat or rye whenever you can. Secondly, most delis will give you a stack of cheese—your sandwich will taste just as good if you take out all but one or two slices. And, of course, you can always cut your sandwich in half and save the rest for later. And, if you’re really craving a BLT, make it at home and go lighter on the mayo and heavy on the L and T. The important thing to remember is that sandwiches are not the enemy: Any choice is cool in moderation.

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